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2.9.2001  To the top 

MIDAS Server in NT Service. It shows how to use remote data module with service application.

8.10.2000  To the top 

New example. It shows how to enumerate all sub-nets, computers, shared resources and printers in the LAN.

31.08.2000  To the top 

New example. It show how to:

  • Reuse service module to create configurable service (Unique!)
  • Make the service self starting & self stopping
  • Send messages to service and handle them in common Delphi manner (Unique!)
27.07.2000  To the top 

New example. It describes how to get the name of interactive user. It is done from the service of course.

27.06.2000  To the top 

How to get the CPU usage. Two lines of code - and your application has the CPU load indicator.

11.06.2000  To the top 

Advanced interactive service example. It describes how to

  • survive logoff and logon;
  • show forms, messages, dialogs and how to protect them from damages if logoff/logon occurs;
  • use tray icon in a service;
  • detect the interactive user logon/logoff;

06.06.2000  To the top 

Process List example. It is based on one function call (GetProcessList) and works with Windows 95/98/Nt/2000.

30.05.2000  To the top 

PerfUtils examples (PerfInfo, TaskView, PerfExplorer) are restored in their original form. Code explanation will follow soon.

08.05.2000  To the top 

All previous SvCom examples are available again. Site update continues...

03.05.2000  To the top 
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07.09.1999  To the top 
29.06.1999  To the top 
  • Windows NT Secret storage. It shows how to store secure data using buil-in NT security mechanism.

  • SID stuff. SID is an essential element of the NT security model. This example shows how to use it.

  • ACL Editor. It is a step to creation of the access management dialog.

10.03.1999  To the top 
Several SvCom examples were released:
9.09.1998  To the top 
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Interactive service
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Secret storage
SID stuff
ACL editor
DDE server
Process List
Advanced interactive service
Get the name of interactive user
MIDAS Server in Service

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CPU usage

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