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SvCom is an integrated package of Delphi classes and tools for development of service applications and use of NT Security framework. SvCom possesses lots of unique features, including:

  • Use of the same components for development of service applications under all flavours of Windows;
  • Service debugging directly from the Delphi IDE;
  • "DCOM-server-in-service" implementation;
  • Support for interactive services;
  • operations with NT Security (SIDs, ACLs, SDs, User permissions);
  • Security-related visual controls;
  • More...

SvCom sources are available for registered users only.

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PerfUtils is a set of Delphi components that encapsulates Windows NT Performance API. This part of Windows API is used for various purposes. It is used to measure the CPU usage, enumerating processes and threads, receiving their ID's, performance, memory usage and so on. The processing of the performance information is complicated enough. The PerfUtils allows you to obtain this information in any form - from raw performance data up to processed, ready-to-use values. More about PerfUtils...

PerfUtils is freeware and distributed in sources.

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Need to measure the CPU usage? Do it in two function calls. It is free! The same functions are used for Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

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