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Simple NT Service
Published 10.03.1999. Last reviewed 23.04.2011
This example requires...

SvCom components

Important note: The source code of this example is included into SvCom package. The latest version of this example is available here: Simple NT Service Example.

This example shows the basic features of SvCom for Delphi. It illustrates the creation, installation, running and debugging of the simple single-service application. This example consists of the following steps

  1. Creating new SvCom service application
  2. Adding new service module
  3. Setting it`s properties
  4. Adding a simple functionality - a timer that beeps each second
  5. Installing, running and uninstalling the SvCom service application
  6. Debugging the SvCom service application

The source code of this example is here (zip, 1.5Kb)

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