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PerfInfo sample application
Published 09.09.1998
This example requires...
PerfUtils components

Sources of this example are included into PerfUtils components, download them.

PerfInfo is a small sample application that uses PerfUtils components to obtain information about performance object and counters in the system. It can be used to browse though the performance structures and obtain information about it in a meaningful form.

Here is a screenshot of PerfInfo main form. In the left part of this form there is a list of performance objects. In the right part of the form there is an information about selected performance object. Any object in the list can be double-clicked to display an additional information about performance object. "More info" button can be used for the same purpose.

Performance Information screenshot

Here is a screenshot of the form that presents an additional information about the performance object. This form includes two pages. On the first page there is a list of counters for the given object. In the right part of the first page there is a description and help for the counter selected. On the second page of this form there is a list of instances for the given object.

Performance Information screenshot




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