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Advanced interactive service
Published 10.05.2000
Additional info: 02.04.2001. Read important notes about Interactive Service Instability and get the solution.
It is compatible with... It uses...
Win 95 compatible Win 98 compatible Win NT compatible Windows 2000 compatible Delphi 3 compatible Delphi 4 compatible Delphi 5 compatible  SvCom components are necessary RxLib - TTrayIcon is used

The compiled and ready for tests version of this example is available here (zip, 247Kb). "How to use" instructions are inside.

This example shows how to implement the interactive service with some advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Logoff/logon survive
  • Tray icon showing
  • Multiple forms creation
  • Interactive user detection

This example includes the following steps:

  1. Creating new interactive service and testing logon/logoff survive;
  2. Testing logon/logoff survive for multiple forms;
  3. Fixing the problem;
  4. Adding the tray icon and testing logon/logoff survive;
  5. Detection of interactive user and restoring the tray icon;
  6. Conclusions

The full source code of this example is here (zip, 3.5Kb)

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