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MIDAS Server in NT Service Application
Published 02.09.2001
It is compatible with... It uses...
Win 95 compatible Win 98 compatible Win NT compatible Windows 2000 compatible Delphi 3 compatible Delphi 4 compatible Delphi 5 compatible Delphi 6 Compatible  SvCom components are necessary

This example contains step-by-step instructions of how to create and use the MIDAS Server in NT Service. It is similar to previous examples, such as the DCOM-in-Service one. The only difference is that it uses RemoteDataModules instead of Automation objects.

As usual this example includes several steps with detailed comments and explanations:

  1. Creation of new Service Application and new service module with DCOM support
  2. Addition of Remote Data Module
  3. Two installation modes, first tests
  4. Creation and test of the MIDAS client application

The complete source code as well as compiled version of this example is here (zip, 843Kb)

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