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Interactive service
Published 10.03.1999
This example requires...
SvCom Components

Apr 11, 2011. Important note. Starting from Windows Vista interactive services are prohibited by Microsoft. Service application can not show forms even if it is marked as Interactive. SvCom suggests a workaround that allows to easily communicate with user from service application. Read more about this opportunity

P.S. 11.06.2000 - One more interactive service example published. It has much more features, including some advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Logoff/logon survive
  • Tray icon showing
  • Multiple forms creation
  • Interactive user detection

In this example we shall consider interactive services.

  1. Creating new SvCom service application - it is exactly the same as the step 1 of the Simple NT Service example. Save your project as SvComExample3.dpr
  2. Adding new service module - this step is the same as the step 2 of the Simple NT Service example. Set the name of service to 'SampleService3' and display name to 'SvCom Example N 3'.
  3. Declaring service as interactive.
  4. Creating a service form.
  5. Testing.

The full source code of this example is here (zip, 2.9Kb)

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